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Travel Cards Service Delhi

Signature Forex especially provides travel cards services to all its customers. It is one of the best ways to travel safely. By using a single travel card service you can load multiple currencies in it. You don’t need to carry different travel cards for different countries.

Features and Benefits:

  • Easy and convenient option for carrying your exchanged currencies.
  • Don’t need to travel with so many travel cards, you can load different currency in one travel card.
  • No additional service charge will be imposed on you when you will use it in another country for withdrawing cash.
  • It can be reloaded faster than any other medium. Once you call foreign exchange company they will load the payment in just 3 to 4 hours.
  • A safe and secure way for carrying the huge amount of money.
  • By using travel card you will not have to carry a large amount of cash.
  • In case you lost your travel card somewhere then no need to worry just give a call to the foreign exchange company they will block it immediately.
  • No extra charges will be there when you will shop online with the travel card.
  • 24*7 customer support service will be there.
  • Always gives SMS alerts regarding the left amount in your account.