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Frequently Asked Questions

How will i came to know about confirmation of my oder ?

After placing your order at; we send you a confirmation email.

How Can I pay towards the foreign exchange purchased?

Upto Rs. 50000 (per passenger), you can pay by Cash/ online internet banking/ NEFT/ personal cheque ( subject to clearance of the cheque)

If the amount exceeds Rs 50000 you can pay by online internet banking/ NEFT/ RTGS/ personal cheque (subject to clearance of cheque)

Can I purchase multiple currencies & travel cards in one order?

Yes you can purchase multiple currencies & travel cards in one order. You simply need to add the currencies & travel cards there by using the “add button” option.

What is my foreign exchange quota/ limit for foreign travel?

Its upto USD 2,50,000 under Liberalized Remittance Scheme (LRS) in a financial year, can be used for any number of visits. If anyone has already remitted or have used any quota under LRS in a financial year, then the applicable limit for travelling purpose would be reduced from USD 2,50,000 by the amount remitted/ used.

Is there a limit for carrying currency notes in overseas?

Passengers are allowed to purchase foreign currency notes only up to USD 3000 or equivalent per individual/ per trip.
Balance amount can be carried in the form of Prepaid travel cards, Travelers Cheque, bankers draft etc. except:

  • A : Travelers proceeding to Iraq and Libya can draw foreign currency up to USD 5000 in cash currency notes;
  • B : Travelers proceeding to Islamic Republic of Iran, Russian federation and other Republics of commonwealth of Independent States where entire foreign exchange can be drawn in the form of currency notes…
Are children/ minors entitled to carry foreign exchange?

Yes children of all ages are permissible to same entitlements as adults, but minors below age of 14 years can’t carry Forex travel Card (prepaid cards) & travelers cheques…

How many days prior to travel date, forex can be purchased?

Date of travel must not be later than 60 days from the date of purchase of forex.

What’s foreign exchange entitlement for business travel?

Within USD 250000 per financial year, irrespective of period of stay and number of times in a financial year..

Under which RBI travel schemes one can buy forex?

  • Leisure Travel/ Personal Travel
  • Business Travel
  • Immigration
  • Education
  • Medical Procedure
  • The total limit remains same under LRS of USD 250000
How much forex can be brought into India by a foreigner/ NRI/ Indian?

There’s no limit of foreign exchange that can be brought into India, however currency notes beyond USD 5000 (equivalent) & up to USD 10000 (total inclusive of travelers cheques) need to be reported to Customs and Currency declaration form to be obtained…

Can we as an Indian national, hold unused forex saved from our previous trip & use it for future travel?

On return from a foreign trip travelers are required to surrender unspent foreign exchange held in form of currency notes within 90 days and travelers cheques/ travel cards within 180 days from return. However they are free to retain foreign exchange up to USD 2000 (equivalent) in form of currency notes, travelers cheques, travel cards for future usage.

What documents are required under personal travel?

  • Original & valid passport.
  • Valid Visa except where the visa on arrival applies
  • Confirmed Air ticket showing travel within 60 days
  • Pan card or Form 60/61 (if required)
  • Aadhar card (if required)

What documents are required for business travel?

  • Original & valid passport.
  • Valid Visa except where the visa on arrival applies
  • Confirmed Air ticket showing travel within 60 days
  • Aadhar card (if required)
  • Lerms letter ( business trip letter)
  • KYC of the sponsoring company required like memorandum of the company, pan card, authorized
  • signatory letter, utility bill/ address proof etc..